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Submit your best type and lettering work to Typism Book Four—closing date 20 November 2017

Submission Guidelines

Please read the following instructions VERY carefully.

We receive thousands of submissions for each book, so we follow a strict processing system to ensure no one gets missed. If your work is submitted incorrectly, we are afraid it will not be considered for publication.

Typism Book Four

  • Portrait-format
  • Black and White
  • Type and/or Lettering.
Due Nov 20

Artwork Specifications

  • Trim size: 5.5 inch (w) x 8 inch (h)/13.5 cm (w) x 19.5 cm (h)—add 5mm bleed if required
  • Artwork specs: Black & White artwork only.
  • Style: Crisp, clean typographic vectors will print best, but some B&W tone is allowed in your typography submissions. We are looking for all forms of the written word: calligraphy, typography, type design, hand-drawn type, hand-lettered type, beautiful handwriting and so on.
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Format: TIFF, EPS or PDF

Save two copies of the files you wish to submit:
1. A high-resolution file for printing (5.5 inch x 8 inch at 300 DPI) saved as an EPS, flattened TIFF or PDF.
2. A low-resolution copy for emailing saved as a 72 DPI JPEG.

How do I submit my work?

Email your LOW-RES 72 DPI jpegs to

Please include your full name and blog/folio/website address in your email. DO NOT email the high-res files.

Upload your HIGH-RES 300 DPI files here:


Include your FULL NAME in the WeTransfer message section.

You can enter up to TEN different artworks for consideration. Please send them all in the one email/WeTransfer package if possible.

Deadline 20 November 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be just black and white?

The book is printed using just black ink, but you can, of course, have greyscale, tints and tones. If your original work is in colour, simply convert it to greyscale in Adobe Photoshop and save it as a flattened TIFF file.

Does it have to be a vector?

No, we have published photographs of tactile typography, scanned hand lettering, photographs of murals and tattoos in the past. All forms of lettering are considered, so long as it is original, converted to black and white, the correct format, and high quality.

Does the work have to be in English?

No, we have published many artworks showing beautiful Spanish, Hindu, and Arabic lettering in previous editions. Part of what unites us as a global community is our shared love of letterforms. All we request is that the work doesn’t say anything offensive—in ANY language.

Do I need crop marks?

If your work is the correct size, with 5mm bleed, we don’t need them. We will drop your artwork into a template file with a contrasting name band, and then apply crops to the full page.

What file types are accepted?

The following file formats are accepted: TIFF, EPS or PDF.

When is the deadline for submissions?

The Deadline is the 20 November 2017.

How much is it to submit my entry?

All submissions are free.

When will I find out if my work is successful?

We will email you by 18 December 2017  if you have been successful.
We will NOT email you if you haven’t been successful (sorry).

All successful submissions will receive one free copy of the printed book.

How is the work judged?

All the low res files are submitted to a panel with the names removed. The panel votes on which work should be included without knowing who any of the artists are, so the work is judged purely on its merits.

Who designed the logo for the cover of Book Four?

Matt Vergotis did. He is an Australian logo designer who spoke at the first-ever Typism Conference, and before you ask, Book Five and Six are already allocated. Want to design Book Seven?

Can I still buy book one and two?

No, they are both sold out, but there are still copies of book three available for purchase (see below)

Submit your work now

All successful submissions will receive one free copy of the printed book. Email your LOW RES filesWeTransfer your HIGH RES files

Some samples of work from Typism Book Three

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